The Adventures of TIn Tin

Our wedding was a fairytale come true, thanks to our dear family and friends, so many of whom played a massive part in making the day so very special for us. 

The venue was a beautiful 19th Century fort (, perched on the cliffs of the Cornish coast.  The views are amazing and the weather was perfect!



The Civil Service

We were married by law on 15th April, in what was a very moving civil service thanks to our Saltash Registrars, Ms Tovey and Mr Ley.  Their unexpected Cornish Blessing, following David's flawless delivery of Shakespeare's Sonnet 116, left the bride thankful for her waterproof mascara !!


Our Handfasting

The "big day" was 16th April, when we were Handfasted in the presence of our family and closest friends.  We were blessed with an utterly perfect day, thanks to the hard work and unyielding support of so many.

Wedding Album courtesy of &



There are really so many fingerprints on our wedding day, without which it would not have been the truly beautiful and meaningful event that it was.

But we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to...

Mum Lambourne 

Mum & Dad Liles

Where do we begin?

You know how much you've done for us, and any attempt on our part to capture it all here would be in vain.  We owe so much to you, and we hope you truly understand how much we love and appreciate you!

Thank you for your parts in getting each of us to this point in our lives, and making our wedding so beautiful!

Our truly stunning bridesmaids...

Anna (left), Jude (right)

and Livi

The stationery, the hen weekend, the encouragement and support...

For being lifelong friends to share the laughter and joy with, and shoulders to cry on when the going got tough...

And for being the best bridesmaids anyone could wish for.


Our dashing ushers...

Chris (Best Man, right), Russ (centre) & Stu (left)

You did us proud!!

Thank you for all your hard work and support.

Sarah & Paul

You've told us to stop saying thank you, but just one more!! 

You have both been absolutely brilliant, and invaluable to our Handfasting ceremony all coming together on the day. 


David Brown

Tom Campbell

 David... big bro!  Your reading during our civil service was beautiful, and gave it a truly personal touch. 

Tom... baby bro!  You are the dog whisperer!!  We never have to worry about Kaya when she is in your safe hands.

Thank you both for all your work behind the scenes, helping to get the hall looking so terrific, making sure the bride and bridesmaids were well looked after while they were getting ready, taking care of the civil ceremony music, etc etc.

Dave Rickman

(Awww look at little Willow when she was just a bub!!) 

For your unselfish sacrifices to get Livi across the many miles from Australia, to be here with us.

You were with us in spirit, and we hope to see you in 2009!  

 Rosemarie & Jack Campbell

Rosemarie, you did an absolutely spectacular job with our wedding cake... Thank you so much!!

And our appreciation to Jack too, who made the ultimate sacrifice of quality control, enduring much sample-tasting over many months... a tough job  :o)

Our Fab Photographers

Gary Nunn, and his gorgeous wife Steph

Justin Smith, with the lovely Rachel

 The photos on this web page speak for themselves...

Gary, Justin... you've both been wonderful!

And thanks for all your help too Steph... you were like a bonus bridesmaid!!

 Kate & Steve


For your part in the catering, and all your help with transportation, and for being such terrific friends.

(Steve, please give Lochlan his football back!!!) 


Our 'backup priestess'!!  Thank you for being poised and ready... and for always being there.



For being such a good girl!