The Adventures of TIn Tin

Subaru Impreza 22B 

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Subaru, a limited run road going WRCar was announced to the unsuspecting world at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show. It would be based on the newly released Version 4 Type R Coupe but would have a larger engine with more torque and the bodywork would be highly modified to give it the appearance of the current WRC rally cars of then current drivers, Colin McRae and Pierro Liatti.

A total of 425 cars were produced, and although only 399 were officially built for Japans domestic market another 26 were assembled for overseas distributors. Colin McRae and his co-drive Nicky Grist received a car each and these were both numbered 000/400. There is also a third car with 000/400 which is the development car owned by David Lapworth, Technical Director at Prodrive. Unlucky number 13 was thought not to have been produced but it has now been confirmed this 22B exists as a demonstrator for Subaru USA. Of the "missing" 22, it is known that five off 22B have been imported to Australia as show or competition vehicles, whilst the United Kingdom was awarded 16 off cars to be rebadged 22B-UK.

This is car #84 and was imported from Japan when new in 1999. It still has only done 15k miles, and the only modifications include Graham Goode Racing Stl.Steel Exhaust, Cone Air Filter, extra instrument dials and remapping for UK fuel. Power is in the region of 320bhp. 

1985 UR Audi quattro (now sold)

My dream car. I purchased this a few years ago, with many of the modifications and styling items done. I've been slowly tidying the car up since. Mods include: Uprated lowered suspension, Willwood 320mm front brakes, 2" St.Steel exhaust, hybrid K26 turbo, Gasflowed head, modified wastegate, bucket seats, 4 point racing harnesses, 17" Compomotive wheels (to fit over brakes!).

Miranda's car, affectionately known as 'Roo'! (As in baby Kangaroo and Subaroo!) 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX. We have now fitted Sparco seats, Prodrive rear spoiler, mudflaps, Prodrive centre decat pipe, and rear silencer. Remapped to around 260 bhp

My old Honda Accord Type-R. This is probably one of the finest drivers car I have owned. Now sold in order to get a diesel estate! :0(

Our family wagon an Audi Avant 1.9 tdi quattro. Couldn't leave it alone, so it has uprated Bilstein shock absorbers and chipped to 130bhp with 205 ft-lbs torque.